976-SING - Version 2 Revisited

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In 1994, an agent contacted Ron Hoffman to enlist 976-SING to fly to Tokyo to appear in a popular Japanese television program. The producers ofAmerica's Funniest Peoplehad syndicated their show for foreign distribution. When the producers of Chojin Coliseum in Tokyo saw the show and 976-SING's Zipper Teguila, they tracked the group down through an agent. They offered to fly the group to Japan for five days, put them up in a hotel, pay them and provide perdiem, in exchange for the group's thirty-second bit. Ron asked Wayne Winstead if he was available, and Wayne immediately agreed to do it. Rusty Jones, however, did not. Ron next contacted Rex Rotsko, who then lived in the midwest, and he agreed. Rex would fly in from Chicago, and 976-SING, Version 2, would do the television show in Japan. This, then, became the final performance of 976-SING.

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