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1992 was the busiest year yet for 976-SING, with Ron Hoffman, Rusty Jones and Wayne Winstead traveling between coasts and covering quite a few venues. Being away from home started to take its toll on Wayne. Personal issues were coming up for him that made it more difficult to focus. He blew off a rehearsal in Laughlin and seemed to be more argumentative. On New Year’s Eve, 1992, in Las Vegas, Wayne and Ron had an explosive argument moments away from the group's introduction for the midnight show.Wayne knew he needed a change.However, it wasn’t until the next day that Wayne, during a conversation with Rex Rotsko, decided that he was quitting 976-SING.At the next rehearsal, Wayne broke the news to Ron and Rusty that he was leaving to deal with personal issues.Ron was angry and left, and Rusty followed shortly after, frustrated with the lack of reasoning behind Wayne's decision.Wayne continued with the rest of the group's bookings for January and sang in his last performance with 976-SING on January 17, 1993 in Phoenix.

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Ron and Rusty decided to continue as a duo, passing over Rex's offer to rejoin the group. 976-SING continued to perform around the country throughout 1993. In early 1994, Ron and Rusty decided to call it quits and held their final performance in Riverside, California.

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