1986 - Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights

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In 1981, Wayne Winstead was fortunate to have landed a place in the company of The Ensemble Studio Theatre, Los Angeles. He did several plays there that included roles as a marine, a five-year old boy and a pigeon. When there was an announcement in 1986 that there would be a new production that would include original music and a barbershop quartet, Wayne auditioned. When the director, David Kaplan, noticed on Wayne's resume that he had sung in a barbershop quartet, he was cast and ended up composing the music for one of the songs. The quartet became known as the "Plugs" and the female counterparts in the production were known as the "Bulbs." The cast was diverse and very talented. Yet, the play was not as well-received as the company had hoped. Still, Dr. Faustus Lights the Lightsplanted the seed for what eventually would become 976-SING.

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It was suggested that perhaps the "Plugs" (featuring Michael Chieffo, David Ellzey, Michael Winther and Wayne) could entertain the audience during intermission in the theatre lobby. Wayne presented some barbershop numbers to the other guys, but there wasn't a lot of enthusiasm for it. By the time the show closed, they had had their fill of barbershop singing and were ready to move on to other things. Winther was returning to New York, Ellzey was continuing his successful one-man show for a theatrical tour, and Chieffo was focused on his career in TV and film.

In early 1987, Wayne would try one more time to bring them back.

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