1977 - Ron and Wayne Meet


Wayne Winstead had his sites on a carreer in restaurant managment and thought he might major in Business. At the time, he and John Cox were roommates when, during a conversation, John suggested that Wayne audition for Mt. San Jacinto College's production of the musical, The Boy Friend. After being cast, this would be Wayne's first play since Ramona, where he had met John.

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During an early rehearsal, Wayne met Ronald Hoffman. Ron was playing trumpet in the pit band and mentioned that he new Wayne's sister, Suzanne. Their friendship grew from that moment on. Wayne also met Stanley Meyer in this production, who would later help to form the Undertones, a precursor to 976-SING.


My first memory of Ron was seeing him down in the orchestra pit while he and the rest of the band were warming up for rehearsal. I remember that they didn't sound all that great. Ron's sense of humor showed up right off the bat. He was very funny and had such a quick wit. Though the band had a rocky first rehearsal with the cast, it didn't take long for them to tighten up. That band turned out to be a major highlight of the show. I was to discover later that Ron played a lot of musical instruments, and ended up playing lead guitar in the college's production of Godspell. He was amazing. I had no idea that our paths would continue to cross time and time again. And 10 years later, 976-SING was born.

- Wayne Winstead

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