1969 - John and Wayne Meet

John Cox and Wayne Winstead met during the production of the outdoor playRamonain Hemet, California, in the spring of 1969.John was eleven and played a Spanish child. Wayne was twelve and cast as a “Rock Indian.”Their friendship, however, didn’t really take off until high school, and they later became roommates while attending Mt. San Jacinto College.


I had just met the fraternal twins, Wayne & Dwayne Jones during this production. They were cast as Spanish children and we were hanging out by the cast house down the hill from the amphitheater. Suddenly, Wayne Jones says, 'Oh, here comes John.' They seemed to want to get away, but it was too late. I was thinking, 'What's this all about?' John seemed happy to talk to the guys, and John and I were introduced. He seemed like such a nice guy and oblivious to the Jones' desire to split. That's my first memory of John Cox. In subsequent years, John seemed just the same - amiable, energetic, and had what turned out to be a wicked sense of humor. During high school, he seemed to be active in just about everything - sports, band, choir - and excelled academically. Everything he did seemed to be a natural extension of his multifaceted persona. It all seemed effortless compared to how hard I had to work to focus on one thing. I had no idea that we would continue to be friends to this day.

- Wayne Winstead

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